☼ Supporting the Freedom To Love #PinkDotSG

Attended my first Pink Dot last Saturday (13 Jun) with ChaiArmy, and celebrated the weekend with a wholesome staycation at the Park Royal Hotel on Pickering Street.

I was curious about Pink Dot campaign which had gathered much talk and controversy (pink versus white) when I felt the cause inherently bore no ill-intentions at all. In fact Pink Dot was very much an outdoor family affair! Singaporeans from all walks of life were clad in pink, from babies and toddlers to the very old, soaking up sun at Hong Lim Park’s open field. I loved the warm (literally, though) atmosphere, complete with picnic mats, cheerleader stunts, pink balloons and mascots, as well as booths with activities to partake in, resembling a carnival of sorts. Picnickers began choosing their spots at 1-ish PM. Decked in all shades of pink, supporters of the Freedom To Love movement gathered and mingled with fellow pink friends all throughout the afternoon, at times releasing iconic pink helium balloons (a move I’m not too crazy about).

The highlight of the annual event was the evening concert which culminated in a traditional lighting up of a clustered ‘pink dot’. Experienced the gorgeous light-up first-hand from our vantage point – a 6th-floor room at Park Royal! Here’s a snippet (just the highlights) of the lighting up, enjoy:

This video doesn’t exist

At 3-ish the crowd was still beginning to gather…
By 5, the place was close to packed, forming this sea of pink
With my dear friends at the event. C for #ChaiArmy


☼ Staycation at the Park Royal on Pickering Street

Loading up on carbs and chilling with beers with these bunch at the Park Royal, which evidently was a popular staycay spot every year on Pink Dot day. When we checked in, there were tonnes of people in pink. Being a very new establishment, the interior was spanking clean, and the rooms spotless. Just as the exterior moss-green decor suggested, the rooms were in sync with the woodsy organic theme.  Service was also uber efficient when we asked for extra duvet, towels and water!

Wholesome movies and stay-in party night, drinks provided HeinekenSG.
With the Enqi / Hannah at the staycay

The pool was amazing, if only it wasn’t raining.

My frolicking friends
I’m sometimes amazed by the picture quality of iPhones. Landscape shot of the indoor sundeck. Great for reading a book by the poolside in your bikini if you’re not looking to get tanned.

  Clearly swimming wasn’t on my agenda. I walked around snapping photos of the pool and Park Royal’s signature ‘birdcages’ that housed lounging couches for the pool dwellers.

I must say I had a great night’s sleep, having been awake for >24hours prior. The woody interior just ups the bed’s appeal. Crispy white sheets against mild rosewood. Sleeping just got better. But be extra careful: draw the blinds for privacy and especially when showering, because otherwise, guests from the next building can see everything you do. Like literally, every single thing.  

Such different feels from the other Park residences. Thoroughly enjoyed my first Pink Dot experience made even better with the weekend staycation ❤ just what I needed to recharge for the rest of the month.

How’s June going for everyone?

Viktoria Jean

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