Day Zero – Panopolis

For two weeks away from home, I’m not usually such a light packer, although this time round I did forgo many physical possessions and settled for my old trusty cabin-sized Polo trolley-bag. Currently chilling at Panopolis, a classy open-spaced cafe at my most-frequented place for the past year (Singapore Changi Airport). It’s quiet, spacious and not only do they make a fine iced caramel macchiato, their baristas are seriously kinda cute too 🙂 Rarely do I compliment any guys on their physical appearance (close to never, actually) but these baristas have got killer smiles.






This deserves a spot here.It’s thy first selfie with my GF6.20140319-193709.jpg


Loving the serenity at the airport’s departure hall. Not being here for work feels incredibly liberating. Usually I’m rushing through the terminal, my head filled with thoughts of getting my job done and sleeping in the hotel after landing. I forget this excitement that comes from the process of traveling. I hope I never lose this sense of wonder at touching down on a place that I’ve never been to before. Note to self: Treasure this opportunity, the here and now, and never throw away any chance to discover something new about myself and the world.

Day Zero: awaiting my flight to be allotted a slot to check-in my bags. Incheon, here I come!

Viktoria Jean

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