The Great Tom n Toms Escape

Life is endless escapism. Despite feeling very sick, I escaped to Tom n Toms to avoid the accumulating mess in my room which is the result of 3 travel luggages meshed by my bedside. I will have to start packing for my trip tomorrow, I swear.

Meddling with my baby Lumix GF6 on a rainy afternoon at Icon Village led to a series of repetitive shots on food & various cafe knick knacks. When you have a long list of books you wanna read, escape to Tom N Toms, closest substitute to Seoul cafes. Cold weather never deterred me from an ice-cold strawberry smoothie! On the plus side, lunch was my favorite Tom n Toms honey and cheese thick toast.








After conducting tomorrow’s dance workshop, I’m escaping to Incheon! The rest of March is gonna be amazing.

Currently suffering the aftermath of having mounted the epilogue of one fantastic novel. The insomniac (me) is facing more trouble getting to sleep by having started on Sophie Kinsella’s Wedding Night. Yes a little late to the game but this only just arrived on my doorstep! To be frank, the book has been a disappointment from where I left off, but I hope the rest of the book lives up to what I’d expect from Sophie Kinsella.


 “Youth is still where you left it, and that’s where it should stay. Anything that was worth taking on life’s journey, you’ll already have taken with you.”

Viktoria Jean

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