My Pink Leopard Manicure

2014 Bucket list item #24:
Get manicured in pretty pink leopard prints – check!

Read Nora Roberts’ old classics at Spinelli’s while waiting to have dinner with Annabelle. Spinelli’s is so underrated in comparison to the coffee chain monopolies Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Perhaps I’m just sick of Starbucks at the moment – I used to drink it everyday but now I avoid them like plague! Spinelli’s Rumberry Twist has cranberry pieces blended into a yummy mix of espresso, rum and vanilla, and it really agrees with my tastebuds. Pretty soon I would have tried all of Spinelli’s beverages! Which is hands down, way more appetizing and creative than Starbucks’.




Headed for Copenhagen tomorrow evening.
2014 is looking way up up up!

Viktoria Jean

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