[SSENZE] A dance journey

It began when three old NUS Dance Blast-ards, a SMU Eurhythm-ixer, and two energetic younger ones who’ve been in the scene for some time, came together to join the SGKPOPCON dance competition, made it through the auditions and eventually won the Singapore round. Although we didn’t make it through the third global selection round, thisContinue reading “[SSENZE] A dance journey”

Turning Back The Clock For A Little Bit

A familiar song was playing at a cafe I dined at for brunch, which brought me back to 2011. Last night, I chanced upon someone I haven’t seen or heard from in a long time, and these memories came back to me in a flash. I still miss this part of me. xoxo, Viktoria Jean

A Tinge of Nostalgia

Reminiscing the days where I was still an insanely active dancer – and decided to upload the choreography collabo piece which Rasul and I did for NUS Dance Blast’s 2011 concert!! (When I was still in year 2 going on year 3 and had a hell lot of time to dance.) Truth is, I thinkContinue reading “A Tinge of Nostalgia”

EXPOSED Dance Competition!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYQkicEsVw4 As our time together came to an end tonight, I’m blessed to be able to give my thanks to these awesome crew-mates for the fun, laughter and companionship as we worked hard for this show 🙂 *hugs*!!! The journey itself was amazing the end results a bonus. Thank you guys!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATcV3Wc-FiM xoxo, Jean

Dance dance dance!

Recent choreos, hope they’re worth watching. Had so much fun choreographing and teaching them! Rania’s Dr Feel Good (Girls Hiphop) Brown Eyed Girls’ Sixth Sense (Girls Hiphop) BAP Warrior! EXO Two Moons 🙂

o88. girls hiphop (dance etc.)

Looking back on a couple of dance vids from my girls hip hop classes…some of my students have really improved since the first time they came! (‘: Which is why looking back at class vids make me smile a little… Even though I see them just for an hour, once a week… I’m glad toContinue reading “o88. girls hiphop (dance etc.)”