SSENZE – ‘You Think’ Remix

In celebration of Girls’ Generation’s 10th year anniversary, here’s our rendition of the queens’ “You Think”!

Even though we didn’t win this year’s competition, we would still like to thank everyone for your warm support. We’ll be back stronger and better so be patient as we have more exciting projects coming your way!

Let us know what you wanna see from us!
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Many thanks to Germaine (@imjimin94) for the video!!!

Songs were originally sang by their respective artists.

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SSENZE – Kpop World Festival 2017 – SG Finals

SSENZE is happy to be finalists of the Singapore round of Kpop World Festival!

Our finals will be held this Saturday, 5 Aug, 5pm @ Tampines Hub, Singapore. PM me for further details!

The audition clips of all finalists were recently released, and this is ours. Gotta admit that this was in no way perfect, but we did our best to add our own feminine touch to VIXX’s masculine song.

It’s been quite a journey putting together our auditions and finals piece, and I’m super fortunate to have these crazy girls doing this together as a team.

For our finals, we’re gunning for a whole different look and concept, and are training hard to give a good show. Do give us, as well as all other finalists, your support!

For enquiries on my dance crew, SSENZE, please email

Viktoria Jean

This is a short post about Christmas

‘Tis the season to be reminded that quality time with your loved ones are the best gifts you can afford, which no amount of money can ever replace.

Cheers to all the old souls who will never be too old for log cakes, stories by the fireplace, midnight cookies and milk, and all of Christmas’ novelties.


Dedicating this little one-take dance piece by SSENZE (filmed with the help of Marvin PD-nim!) to everyone out there who’s never stopped believing in the magic of Christmas.


Viktoria Jean

[SSENZE] A dance journey

It began when three old NUS Dance Blast-ards, a SMU Eurhythm-ixer, and two energetic younger ones who’ve been in the scene for some time, came together to join the SGKPOPCON dance competition, made it through the auditions and eventually won the Singapore round.

Although we didn’t make it through the third global selection round, this dance journey has been amazing with a crazy enthusiastic bunch. I mean, where do all your energy come from, after a long day at your respective workplace/school? Clearly my old bones have lost some of their vitality since I’ve quit as a dance instructor. The team’s commitment has pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone, so much so that I look forward to learning from and dancing with them. Thankful for priceless memories from countless post-practice late-night suppers, filming our audition video late in the night, and spending the night at the airport for our final rehearsals.

We weren’t given the chance to compete in Korea as this year’s rules and conditions were changed. Nonetheless we did gain the company of newly-found friends (also concert tickets, a trophy, and Shilla duty-free vouchers) and Xin Wang membership points from post-rehearsal suppers.

Our journey didn’t end! We’ve made some dance covers together as a crew, with more in store in the days to come. Here’s a peek into some of our recent dance covers.

Enjoy ❤ and subscribe if you do, by any chance, happen to like watching us 🙂 Psst…please say that you cannot tell that when we first began as a crew, we had close to zero chemistry.

Dance cover – Whattaman by I.O.I

Dance version – Whattaman by I.O.I

[DANCE COVER] Secret (비밀이야) by Cosmic Girls

Peace out.

Ssenze, KPOP Dance cover group Singapore; Viktoria Jean Li
Photo credits: Edge-G Studio, by Vee

Viktoria Jean

A Tinge of Nostalgia

Reminiscing the days where I was still an insanely active dancer – and decided to upload the choreography collabo piece which Rasul and I did for NUS Dance Blast’s 2011 concert!! (When I was still in year 2 going on year 3 and had a hell lot of time to dance.)

Truth is, I think this was my favourite choreography ever. I don’t think I can ever replicate something I like so much anymore — probably because I’d used all my favourite songs (at that point) in one item.

Good ol’ days ^^

Viktoria Jean


Shut Up and Dance

Remember this? My favourite NUS Dance Blast Shut Up and Dance (SUAD) Concert 2011 choreography by Xuzi, Erwin and Kevin. This video was taken (by Ulrica!!) during one of our last few vetting sessions with April Rodriguez, Joesar Alvar and Pat.

It was a flurry of costume changes (twice during the 5-minute item), and running left right centre to get to our positions, but nonetheless we had awesome choreographers who guided us along and gave us the best tips and advice we could ever get from our seniors.

In the same year we did April and Joesar’s collabo piece as a 10th anniversary special item.

And also the killer finale item by our blast father Pat, which required even more hurried costume changes and running everywhere.

This year, for our Blast EMCC we’ll be putting up the alumni item, where some of us graduated (Blast-eds) are coming back with a piece. Reliving the good ol’days of dancing as a team and slogging it out at the arts campus’s AS7. Really looking forward to EMCC 2014, not entirely because I miss performing and the stage… I really miss those days where we could dance without a care in the world, and spend all our after-school hours training for a concert.

Thank you for the good memories ^^

Viktoria Jean