This Week’s Social Media ▷ 31 July

While Twitter’s stock takes a nosedive, here’s what else you might have missed this week on…

Your Weekly Social Media Lowdown (1)

Twitter Silhouettekiss▷ Tweetmasters SocialBro returns with an interview with Benjamin Towne (strategy & analysis manager), Leslie Fines (social & content strategy manager), and Ben Timmins (senior associate) from DigitasLBi to find out how they planned PUMA’s #IGNITEYourCity Global Campaign in How Quick-Footed Twitter Analytics Tactics Helped PUMA #IGNITEYourCity In 80 Countries (29 Jul)

▷ Also On SocialBro: 4 Ways To Amplify Your Twitter PR Efforts (27 Jul) by Divya Sehgal cites the ever-relevant Life Of A News Story graph from “NewsJacking” by David Meerman Scott.

▷ Socially Sorted gets creative with 3 Ways To Use Images on Twitter to Capture Attention (28 Jul).

What’s Driving Trump’s Social Media Success? Pancakes (30 Jul) is Wired’s latest noteworthy piece – (i) the stories that dominate Twitter today drive tomorrow’s front-page news; (ii) as hard as candidates may try to drive well-crafted messages on social media, the masses have a mind of their own.

▷ Social Times speaks up for many in stating that Twitter Needs to Become Simpler to Use — But How? (29 Jul)

ViktoriaJean Facebook ▷ On Guardian: Twitter’s Facebook Fixation Could Send Itself Into Crisis (29 Jul). Is Twitter right in emulating Facebook? In other news, Instagram is “projected by eMarketer to leave Twitter in the dust by 2017”; the photo-sharing service already surpassed Twitter in terms of active monthly users.

▷ Business Insider announces Facebook’s Genius Plan To Make Money From Messenger (30 Jul): Facebook to start letting brands and businesses use Messenger to send customers receipts or shipping updates for products they bought or handle any other customer-service issues.

▷ Also on Business Insider, Facebook has added one of LinkedIn’s most abused features (29 Jul): Facebook in New Zealand is currently testing profile tags which are labels are added to your profile by either you or your friend to describe who you are.

Instagram Silhouettekiss▷ Brand Channel foresees that Instagram Ads Are On Track to Pass Google and Twitter With Facebook’s Help (28 Jul). – “The rollout of new features over the next several months means that by the end of 2015, Instagram will have a host of new ad products for advertisers, plus existing popular Facebook Custom Audiences feature.”

▷ Linda Schwaber-Cohen writes on Simply Measured, revealing 7 Instagram Hacks That Will Change How You Post (29 Jul). She takes into account brand optimization and influencer marketing, and weaves in advice to creators in experimenting with video content. Tip #7 reveals: “Without fail, inspirational quotes on Instagram rack up Likes and comments full of gratitude and love.”

Free Social Media Icon LinkedIn Black circle ring▷ LinkedIn announces the launch of Bring in Your Parents Day 2015 with Doro (30 Jul) as seen on Market Watch. Since 2013, after research uncovered more than one in three parents had no idea what their child did for a living, Bring In Your Parents Day has seen more than 55,000 parents visit their children’s office and learn more about what they do for work. Join conversations on Twitter @LinkedIn using #BIYP.

Google + Viktoria Jean ▷ReelSEO gives the rundown on Why YouTube would be better off without Google+ (29 Jul) and whether this would impact brands and content creators. The verdict: (i) they could force people to have G+ but remain unused; (ii) activity has been sharing itself over on G+; (iii) YouTubers making the split from G+ will have to take specific actions to remove G+ from existing YouTube accounts.

Social Media Marketing Viktoria Jean
▷ Rebekah Radice retains her spot at the top of social media influencers with How to Use Social Media to Market Your Business Like a Pro (27 Jul) – discussion takes the form of a conversational Tweet chat with Ann Smarty and her community on #VCBuzz.

▷ Buffer Social collects an Ultimate List of Product Hunt Collections for Marketeers (30 Jul) – tools featured include solutions to (i) finding great content to share; (ii) social media analytics tools; (iii) high-powered browser extensions.

▷ Similarly, Businesses Grow talks about Product Hunt and how to use it to boost business (30 Jul): “the products that perform the best have just launched, are available to the public, and are noteworthy — either by their unique nature, an element of humor, or just general superiority over other products in their class”.

▷ PR Newswire’s press release on 7 in 8 Messages to Brands Ignored on Social Media (30 Jul). The 2015 Sprout Social Index reveals that most businesses continue to favor pushing out brand messages rather than being conversational.

▷ Razor Social uncovers Long Tail Pro (27 Jul) – (i) manage your keyword search results; (ii) turn them into bite-sized insights; (iii) check where your website ranks on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing in terms of target keywords; (iv) export data to spreadsheet.

▷ Campaign Live reveals that emotional, not artificial, intelligence is key to successful campaigns in Man vs Machine: The Battle For Social Media (30 Jul), in which we learn why overflowing tactical ads on social platforms would lead to its very downfall amidst a virtual world where few brands are genuinely delivering on the promise of a more transparent dialogue with customers. Paul Frampton, chief executive of Havas Media, writes this pieces.

▷ Social Times gives advice to marketeers on 4 Best Practices for Brands Partnering With Short-Form Content Creators (27 Jul), with increased need for shorter and succinct content to capture whatever little attention we have left.

▷ Business2Community gives a compelling summary on 7 Reasons Why You Should Not Depend On Social Media For Blog Traffic; “Just because social media is powerful does not mean it is the only option”.

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Weekend Social Media ▷ 27 July

You might have missed out,
so here’s your weekend edition of…

Your Weekly Social Media Lowdown (1)

Chris Syme of Social Media Today talks crisis management and the who-what-where-why of social media issues. A logical read to allay your panic when someone has “blasted your brand for something that has been blown way out of proportion”

▷ Also on Social Media Today, Andrew Hutchinson discusses How Hollywood is Utilizing the Power of Social Media Influencers – the latest trend in film marketing underlining an expanding social media democratization.

▷Jim Joseph on Entrepreneur necessitates ‘a matrix of methods’ and personal commitment to create, establish, build upon maintaining a social media presence to boost your social media following

▷Expand your Social Media Business Etiquette with Justin Wilson on Business2Community – some of these are pretty basic yet still lacking in most B2C Social Media responses. True this: ‘if someone has gone to the effort of posting a social media comment to your business, you should respond promptly to them’.

▷Wall Street Journal reports on Social-Media Firms Resisting the Role of Policing Terror Talk – the intelligence-funding reauthorization bill would require platform companies i.e Google Inc., Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. to disclose any content that could indicate terrorist activity. Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google all declined to state a position on the measure.

▷Social Samosa publishes a really short case study on A fail-safe method for realty marketing on social media

Small Biz Trends provides interesting statistics of our top 10 favourite Social Media Sites.

▷Not to be missed, Pam Moore divulges 8 Lessons Digital Marketers can Learn from Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

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This Week’s Social Media ▷ 24 July

Hey everyone!

As we bid farewell this week to customised Twitter backgrounds and subject our private Facebook posts to search warrants, this is what you may have missed out on…

Your Weekly Social Media Lowdown (1)

Twitter SilhouettekissRazor Social uncovers Topsy, a social media marketing tool that has archived every tweet sent since 2006. Find out how this comes in handy in (i) divulging the influencers who’ve been sharing you or your competitors’ posts, (ii) staying updated on hot button topics with ‘View trends on Topsy Analytics’; (iii) finding relevant stories to share on social media.

▷The Tweet Masters on SocialBro delivers key takeaways with 7 Ways To Drive Revenue With Twitter Segmentation. Gasp – did you know you could build Tailored Audience lists based on their personality insights?

▷Also on SocialBro: The Twitter Metrics Supporting Your Ad Campaign Analysis – a skeletal framework on determining ROIs of your Twitter Ads campaign.

▷Social Media Explorer gives a rundown on Top 5 Badass Social Voice Influencers: Pam Moore totally deserves this spot. What makes them badass and therefore influential is their bravery in speaking their minds even when it may not lead to retweets or any real ROI at all.

ViktoriaJean FacebookVenture Beat is back with updates on Facebook privacy issues and implications on social media marketeers. Their findings? 80% of consumers have updated their privacy settings, and on top of that, consumers are just not ready for personalized marketing. Stewart Rogers on Venture Beat surveyed 1,700 consumers and interviewed a number of experts in a bid to tackle key topics such as factors that drive consumers to provide personally identifiable information.

Free Social Media Icon LinkedIn Black circle ring▷Kevan Lee on Buffer goes and makes life easier by telling you How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan From Scratch based on time, resources, target demographics and your brand’s unique voice.
▷Also by Kevan Lee: an all-in-one guide to the best LinkedIn marketing strategies – do you know the best timings to post on LinkedIn? During the work day; avoid evenings, late afternoons, and weekends, according to Buffer.

Instagram Silhouettekiss▷Esteemed Instagram Guru Jenn’s Trends gives insights to the 300 million-strong image-sharing platform with an Instagram Case Study on Brit Jaye Photography, who’s truly pulled off attention-grabbing posts and scroll-stopping content, without appearing overly self-promotional.

▷You’ll be excited to learn 90% of all Instagram users are below 35-years-old, as appeared on Expanded Ramblings’ 150+ Interesting Instagram Statistics as of July.

▷Cindy King from Social Media Examiner tells us 13 tips from the industry experts on how to market effectively on Instagram, and we now know another noteworthy photography app (Camera Awesome by the SmugMug team).

Pinterest Silhouettekiss
▷Want to know what works on Pinterest? Social Media Examiner’s latest Podcast with Jeff Sieh explores Pinterest marketing tips, buyable pins and the value of pinning and re-pinning to your Pinterest boards.

▷Rebekah Radice returns with 6 Habits of Highly Successful Social Media Marketers; I’m totally with her on #1 and #2.

▷Olivier Verot on Maximize Social Business has kindly dissected China’s Baidu Social Network – home to one of the most used Search Engines in the World with a whopping 55% local market share as well as China’s biggest online community.

▷Lucy Hitz on Simply Measured reveals her podcast highlights on How To Connect The Dots Between Social Activity And ROI, and tells us What LinkedIn Interactions, Impressions, and Clicks Mean to Your B2B Company

▷Kruse Control tells you like it is: What Social Selling Is, And What It Is Not; a must-read for salespeople considering venturing out onto social media, and the boss who’s thinking about incorporating social selling into the sales process.

▷Michael Brenner on B2B Marketing Insider backs his piece on Content Is key to Social Selling Success with solid data (Forrester research shows 90% of customers start their purchase with a search engine) that’s sure to sway you into building upon this social selling advantage.

▷Eric Wittlake on {grow} reveals alternative strategies that measure marketing ROIs. We all know sometimes measuring marketing ROI is impractical. This one’s definitely an insightful read.

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[CAMRATE] Love It or Hate It, Just Rate It

So it’s no secret that I’m an Instagram-addict. I’m always quick to share my likes to various social media feeds, which in turn dilutes the messages a bit but that’s a story for another day.

In fact most of us are to a certain extent a little obsessed with virtual likes, ranking and statuses. So before, I used to troll Twitter daily for updates from friends, travel inspirations and global news, favouriting tweets that I’ve never once re-read simply because it gets too tedious to search for worded opinions.  In many ways now we’re already bypassing the written word and simply recording our daily lives in pictures (Instagram, Snapchat).

Taking that a step further is this cool, fun and easy-to-use new mobile app I’ve recently discovered: CamRate – allowing users to rate any person, object or place, and share them easily amongst friends. Unlike the simple “like” or nothing function, CamRate permits scoring on a simple 5 star rating scale.

 photo CamRate2015-Logo-TealBG-Large.jpg

Think about it: 5 Stars for Channing Tatum’s abs, and maybe 4 for Ryan Gosling’s, versus a simple Instagram “LIKE” for both.

Mindblowing isn’t it? A simple scorechart adds whole new dimensions to the perspectives people can potentially acquire from the users, especially when parred with competing images.

Like a holiday destination? Rate it a 5. Someone else may rate it a 2. And the average gets pinged out. Instead of accumulative likes, you get the accumulative average of everyone’s opinions!

With this brilliant spectrum, the possibilities are endless especially in e-commerce where buyers can filter for the highest rated products (screw them long product reviews) and get instant reviews of what kind of products are best in each categories, without filtering through tonnes and tonnes of wordy reviews. I love the user interface in this app, especially through endless scrolling and tonnes of images, filtered by categories.


 photo FacebookAd-2-Food.jpg

There’s little to hate about CamRate, except that the quality of its photos could be better, though this could be out of the app creators’ control if CamRaters are sharing low-res images. Even then there’s already a database of photographs and the rates are growing day by day!

For the data nerdists, you’ll be delighted to know that CamRaters can share opinions on anything, and thereafter in depth statistics for posts are available to see what different demographics thought of your post.

The abundance of untapped potential to CamRate keeps me hanging around, waiting for the day the app gets massively picked up for being pretty darn cool. Try it yourself! I’ve already shared my geeky views.

 photo Facebook-ProfilePicture-Teal-v3.jpg

Plus the brand’s icon is crazy cool.

Viktoria Jean


Ending my career as a stewardess was perhaps the best decision I’ve made this year. Letting go of this comfort zone I had (unfortunately) sunk into for the past 2 years involved lots of anxiety, doubt, and inevitable thoughts of missing the globetrotting lifestyle. Nevertheless I made my decision quickly and set my heart for the big change when the opportunity to work as a media analyst came. There were spurts of excitement and also joy at finally stepping into an industry I might actually have a genuine interest in.

“You must make a decision that you are going to move on. It wont happen automatically. You will have to rise up and say, ‘I don’t care how hard this is, I don’t care how disappointed I am, I’m not going to let this get the best of me. I’m moving on with my life.”
― Joel Osteen, Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential

Mixed feelings aside, one must always look ahead and move on in life. Thinking back, it was a whirlwind of fun & adventure being a cabin crew at one of the world’s ‘best airlines”. Work was hard, schedules could be crazy, rosters were sometimes bad, and there were months I went without meeting friends outside of the airlines industry… BUT I don’t and will never regret these two+ years with SIA. This insightful journey was exhilarating, at times excruciating, and came with many lessons to be learnt.

Things I already miss:

Onboard, I’ve been called by many other names: Miss, Li, Darling, Sweetheart, Eh, Excuse Me, Hello, Auntie, Jiejie, and nonverbal gestures such passengers pulling my kebaya or waving their hands wildly in the air to get my attention.

singapore girl crew

2. The Singapore Girl hairdo.
Despite the strict grooming guide, there are as many variations as there are flight stewardesses in SIA. Seniority (on first impression) is based on the height of your hump (that height-enhancing bump on your head, derived from resemblances to camel humps). I actually miss this fuss-free chignon – when I mean fuss-free I refer to not having hair all over my face, not time taken to prepare.

SIA girl

3. Quintessentially, HEAVY DUTY MAKEUP.
For long flights we can wear them up to 18 hrs (14hr flight time + 2hr reporting time + 1 hr preparation at home + 1hr travelling from airport to hotel after touchdown). The worst thing is: falling asleep without removing them! This is why I grew so unaccustomed to my own bare face.

Oh the places you’ll go, without ever having to take any work home. Once we touchdown at the destination, HOLA FREEDOM until the wake-up call for your next flight sector. I’m happy to say I’ve touched all corners of the earth that SIA goes to, and have them all Instagram-Mapped.


5. Hotels
Every flight was somewhat a vacay. Stepping into a freshly-laundered room with a hot bath and clean sheet (though sometimes tiny/musky-smelling less-than-4-star closet of a hotel room) after a tiring flight is the best feeling ever. Hence the perpetual reluctance to check out.

hongkong hotel

6. Hotel room selfies. Ha.

hotel room selfie

7. Living out of a suitcase – bursting or not, that bitch needs to be closed. It’s a woe for many stewardesses especially on long-haul.

bursting luggage


8. Coffee in the morning, coffee in the noon and coffee any time of day, because jet lag demands to be fed with caffeine. Truth is, I can drink 2 shots and still sleep for forever.

I need coffee


9. “Bragging Rights”
Friend, at dinner: “So what did you have for breakfast this morning?”
Me, casually: “Injeolmi Bingsoo from this place in Hongdae, Korea.”
Trust me, I am not bragging. Just stating the facts, you asked for it.
Breakfast in another time zone, lunch 35000 feet in the skies, and dinner in Singapore.

korea bingsoo bingsu


10. The skies. And the familiar wings we see from our crew seats when we look out from the windows. The one below was taken out flying out from Singapore Changi Airport. The following three were taken enroute Houston from Moscow, so you can see Greenland.

planes skies blue greenland skies greenland from the sky


11. Behind-the-scenes Crazy
Well, stewardesses have all the fun…when you’re sleeping and we’re trying to stay awake on a red-eye flight. Oh…and these girls!! Cutest and sweetest little darlings ever.
sia stewardess

12. Coming home.
The word ‘home’ takes on a whole new meaning, when it’s all you’re thinking of the moment you set foot on an aircraft bound for foreign territories.

A little over a month, people still ask if I miss flying. Well if you’ve been at it for 2 years, day in day out, you’re bound to feel a sense of loss. As it is for any kind of job and lifestyle. The only thing I actually really started to miss were the chirpy greetings I received from passengers when I greet them upon coming aboard, the genuine thank yous upon rendering assistance wherever I could, the adrenaline rush when we had a ton of duties we needed to complete and the eventual sweat-wiping relief when it’s all over. And the camaraderie over the years with a few colleagues. When we donned our kebaya, we were told to ‘smile at anything that moves’ – we would hold doors and lifts for people, greet people we don’t know, and talk to people we’ve never met – all without garnering weird looks. Try holding a door for someone in Singapore – you might get ‘thank you’ with an awkward look at best, or even ignored for your effort. Smile at a stranger, and be labelled a psycho. Greet someone in the lift, and end up taking the lift up alone. A well-mannered bunch we as stewards and stewardesses are – after all we are in the service industry. But we don’t always get the same respect and treatment in or out of the uniform.

Also, I was exposed to many kinds of teamwork & leadership (through observations, not actual leading), plus gained a kind of worldly experience that isn’t of the bragging sort. There’s never an end to how much of the world we can see. From big metropolitan cities with world-class airports to less-developed rural areas where drinking tap water gave me gastroenteritis for weeks, and where small girls on the streets wanted to take photos with a group of us just because our skin colour was different from theirs – they’ve never seen fair-skinned people in their lives.

I became a stewardess for the freedom, experience and a change of lifestyle. I never regretted, even as I was dying to leave the job. The job gave me loads of reasons to look back and smile. You’re meant to live your life in your 20s before youth slips away!

Once a Singapore Girl, Always a Singapore Girl. I still feel nostalgic at an SIA ad, or when I see an SIA aircraft landing or see ex-colleagues at the airport heading for flight or just coming back home.

singapore girl SIA kebaya


Well, this is goodbye! I’ve clipped my wings and started a new chapter in life.


Viktoria Jean


Back at my favourite hideout in Brisbane: The Passion Tree Cafè. This time round I skipped the shaved ice and had my froyo cravings satiated. Regrettably it wasn’t the best of days for the girl serving my froyo. I get it, we all have our bad days right? Paulo Coelho’s biography saved me from boredom; I had to tune out the incessant chatter all around me, mostly in Korean, but hey not complaining. Anything’s better than listening to repeated broadcasts of year-end tragedies and disasters on BBC. An hour later I hit the streets to check out Aussie’s post-season sales.


Dinner was: Roast Chicken Supreme! I’ve just learnt that the PieFace round the corner of my hotel is open 24 hours … yay to a happy belly any time of day! Savoured it whilst filling in my diary for 2015.

Skipping all the fluffy resolutions I do every single year with less than half fulfilled 365 days later – maybe I’m just jaded by impracticalities of ideals we set for ourselves but fall short of, so freaking often.



In a few hours I’m heading to Christchurch, New Zealand. As much as I’m not looking forward to spending my last few hours of 2014 in the air, or counting down to 2015 35,000 feet in the sky, it’s pretty exciting to be chasing time down south, where time passes faster than it does in Southeast Asia (by a whole 5 hours). Being faster than time – a fresh new start to what I hope to emulate for the new year.

Hello 2015 I think I’m more than ready for you! Who else is with me?

Viktoria Jean

P.S Probably won’t be updating as often in the days to come as I’m heading to Bangkok for a getaway with my favourite ex-colleagues. Follow me on instagram @silhouettekiss for faster updates teehee.

[AMSTERDAM] Keukenhof Gardens Part Seven

| Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six |


Outside of Keukenhof Gardens, there was this beautiful, seemingly endless plot of tulips in neat rows – a farm to which we had to mount a fence to gain access due to its privacy, emulating a stream of tourists who paved the way for our entry. This huge field was too breathtakingly awesome, I had to resist with all my might not to lie down in my bed of pink tulips!! Have never seen more beautiful flowers in such spectacular numbers. My dream absolutely came true right before my eyes!




















Spring, now I truly believe, is the season of rebirth.

Keukenhof Gardens
Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse, Netherlands

Viktoria Jean

3 Obvious Reasons to Visit Maldives

1. Sun, Sand, Sea
As we approach winter months, basking on the beach has never been more appealing.
 photo DSCN3706_zps735e67ea.jpg

2. Maldives is Instagram-Worthy
P.S. Do not judge my failed jumpshots please.
 photo DSCN3703_zpsb1099121.jpg photo DSCN3704_zpsd52c0a26.jpg

3. Snorkeling and other water activities are practically free on most island resorts.
 photo DSCN3698_zpsbdb388ca.jpg
Some resorts even provide the equipment and instructors to guide newbies along.

Having extremely fair skin makes me prone to sunburns.
Nothing can stop me from enjoying the outdoors on Kurumba Island, though.
I slapped on more sunblock and chugged skin vitamins.
 photo DSCN3702_zps61cdfa8f.jpg

Fun Fact: Maldives consists of 1,192 coral islands spread over roughly 90,000 square kilometres, making this one of the world’s most dispersed countries.
 photo DSCN3694_zps3582b643.jpg

Also, inhaling salty sea breeze and getting sand stuck in your Havaianas is the best way to clear your head of a lot of things.
 photo DSCN3692_zpse9993655.jpg

Fun fact: Maldives is the smallest Asian country in both population and land area. Also the planet’s lowest country, with an average ground level of 1.5 metres (4 ft 11 in) above sea level, forecasts of inundation is a great concern.
 photo DSCN3714_zpscc357914.jpg

 photo DSCN3716_zpsc5670f31.jpg

Waking up to nature’s beauty is enough reasons to make your way here for a golden getaway, don’t you think?
 photo DSCN3674_zps2a4d221a.jpg