[CAMRATE] Love It or Hate It, Just Rate It

So it’s no secret that I’m an Instagram-addict. I’m always quick to share my likes to various social media feeds, which in turn dilutes the messages a bit but that’s a story for another day.

In fact most of us are to a certain extent a little obsessed with virtual likes, ranking and statuses. So before, I used to troll Twitter daily for updates from friends, travel inspirations and global news, favouriting tweets that I’ve never once re-read simply because it gets too tedious to search for worded opinions.  In many ways now we’re already bypassing the written word and simply recording our daily lives in pictures (Instagram, Snapchat).

Taking that a step further is this cool, fun and easy-to-use new mobile app I’ve recently discovered: CamRate – allowing users to rate any person, object or place, and share them easily amongst friends. Unlike the simple “like” or nothing function, CamRate permits scoring on a simple 5 star rating scale.

 photo CamRate2015-Logo-TealBG-Large.jpg

Think about it: 5 Stars for Channing Tatum’s abs, and maybe 4 for Ryan Gosling’s, versus a simple Instagram “LIKE” for both.

Mindblowing isn’t it? A simple scorechart adds whole new dimensions to the perspectives people can potentially acquire from the users, especially when parred with competing images.

Like a holiday destination? Rate it a 5. Someone else may rate it a 2. And the average gets pinged out. Instead of accumulative likes, you get the accumulative average of everyone’s opinions!

With this brilliant spectrum, the possibilities are endless especially in e-commerce where buyers can filter for the highest rated products (screw them long product reviews) and get instant reviews of what kind of products are best in each categories, without filtering through tonnes and tonnes of wordy reviews. I love the user interface in this app, especially through endless scrolling and tonnes of images, filtered by categories.


 photo FacebookAd-2-Food.jpg

There’s little to hate about CamRate, except that the quality of its photos could be better, though this could be out of the app creators’ control if CamRaters are sharing low-res images. Even then there’s already a database of photographs and the rates are growing day by day!

For the data nerdists, you’ll be delighted to know that CamRaters can share opinions on anything, and thereafter in depth statistics for posts are available to see what different demographics thought of your post.

The abundance of untapped potential to CamRate keeps me hanging around, waiting for the day the app gets massively picked up for being pretty darn cool. Try it yourself! I’ve already shared my geeky views.

 photo Facebook-ProfilePicture-Teal-v3.jpg

Plus the brand’s icon is crazy cool.

Viktoria Jean

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