189. risque

Can’t believe it’s been 3 years since

When we danced to

And my emo heartbreak choreography item…
whose pictures I’m SUPER embarrassed to look at hahaha >< !!

One of the less epic-ly cringe-worthy ones!!
I was just really into red, black and checkered prints.

Freaking 3 years ago!

(Allison, Yvette, Krispy, Shimin, Weixin…)

After school in the house, 모두 같이 make it bounce
들어봐 지금 내 말, 오늘밤 tonight!

I had braces and was like CHUBBY. Oh my gawd.

Blastards at Temasek Hall Productions

Where have all the time gone?!

All that floods my head about my days at university are dance related…
NUS Dance Blast,
EMCC, SUAD, 9th Anniversary,
Temasek Hall Dance, Orientation freshmen dance,
Combined Hall Productions,
Dancetitude, Istana, Busking,
random AS7 moments,
Raffles Hall, Temasek Hall,
Eusoff Hall Dance studio
CFA Dance studio,
UCC Dance studio…
The madness of rushing from studio to studio and dance rehearsals to rehearsals.

I guess we had all the fun we could?
Those were the days.

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