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Coffee Chu | 커피츄

What's good here? Blueberry and peanut churros! A churros specialty cafe  was exactly what I was keeping an eye out for. Opened by the CEO of Pledis Entertainment (Afterschool, NU'EST, Son Dambi), the cafe is decked out in signed paraphernalia from their artistes. If you're looking for a particular cafe on Sinsa-dong, blink and you… Continue reading Coffee Chu | 커피츄

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189. risque

Can't believe it's been 3 years since When we danced to And my emo heartbreak choreography item... whose pictures I'm SUPER embarrassed to look at hahaha >< !! One of the less epic-ly cringe-worthy ones!! I was just really into red, black and checkered prints. Freaking 3 years ago! (Allison, Yvette, Krispy, Shimin, Weixin...) After… Continue reading 189. risque