190. kittilicious!!


Because every kitty lover deserves a KITTILICIOUS 2013!!!

Amongst the first things that inevitably comes to mind when people think of me:
Why do I love thee, thou kitty without a mouth??
A cat by any other breed will purr as sweet…

Ways in which lovely people have kittyfied me lately.

From: Disastrous partner-in-crime, the Diyana ❤

From a very cute trio of girls known as the Do-Re-Mis according to their height hehe.
Sheryl, Jesslyn and Nicolle!

From: Huixin! student from my first The Boys class in the beginning of 2012… 🙂

First Xmas presents of 2012 🙂 ❤ From Clara, and students hehe.

My room is turning into a mini Sanrio Hello Kitty Land and I’m loving it.
Thank you~~~~~~ ><!!!


And hereby I shall stop numbering my posts.
Gets on my nerves trying to remember what was my last post number…especially when I’m on wordpress app!

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