headlights, buggies, immaculate Pixar movies

So this lifelong paper chase concludes in February with the Bachelor’s degree conferred on me
yet the anticipated pride hasn’t hit, let alone any sense of accomplishment at having survived the insanely rigorous rite of passage into the adults’ society.
Why then, did this flimsy piece of paper hold more intrigue ten years ago, than it does now…
perhaps I’ve pictured myself walking down this path one time too many that, like every other thing that I do, melioration sinks into mediocrity.

If we could replay life like a Pixar movie, our mistakes or moments of folly are headlights illuminating a highway no one else cares to lead.
So if you’re one of those buggies foolishly tailgating somebody else’s boot ass you’d better wake the hell up and start burning your own tire tracks because the lines of those in front of you will never make the perfect fit.

That being said, here I am, humbly employed and enclosed in a seemingly harsh, immaculate world where slightest imperfections are headlines in the industry.
Where ‘comfort zones’ don’t exist.
Nor does anyone get to have walls and shadows to hide behind.
Where no one sees your baby steps, only the giant leaps.

I think I finally see perfection.
It is a lifelong chase, that one can never truly and completely attain.


(I’m not entirely sure I’ll ever get to where I want to be.)

Till I squeeze out droplets of time to write as freely as this…

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