my beautiful reality

Ought to be asleep to be in good shape for flight

but I’m still running on caffeine!
Overdosed as usual.
What’s new.

Day out with my one of my favourite batchgirl Dia
and I’ve found my favourite coffee fix!
Affogato – espresso with vanilla icecream at 1-Caramel Dessert Boutique!

Talking it out, making new plans
and shopping for books really cleared my head
I’m totally ready for everything that’s coming my way.
Really excited about cafe-hunting in Perth…in about 17 hours’!!
So it’s breakfast in Singapore,
lunch in Perth.
And the following day’s dinner back home in my sunny island.

Gonna be working hard towards becoming my own boss!
No matter how hard I have to work,
I’ll get there 🙂
If we strive towards claiming our rightful dream,
we can all create a beautiful reality.
Believe in yourself.

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