hotel mulia senayan May’13

One night in Jakarta without setting foot proper in the capital
is a pity, but I was sincerely too sleepy from jet lag
and screwed-up cyclical body rhythms to get up from the comfortable bed.
Here’s to the apparition that is me, that is not quite there in Jakarta.

Hugeass room, just me and one other living thing: the tree.

There’s everything from CCTV4 to HBO, KBS World and Disney. Bliss.IMG_9080

Because I’d awaken even before any of my alarms or wakeup calls sounded……

How could I not take one with the tree?

IMG_9081 IMG_9082

Already used to sleeping alone in hotel rooms….the only time you get to be just…
IMG_9085  IMG_9088

Outside my window~ IMG_9092   IMG_9096 IMG_9098

Home sweet home on a Saturday evening,
heading out for late night coffee to catch up with a long lost friend.
And it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow.

See you in a day’s time, Auckland.

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