curtain call

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that at the end of my university life,
I actually do miss it a whole freaking lot.
As I fret over which gown size I should order,
or how big my head is so that I can get the right mortarboard etc…
I’m transported to the days where I was still a happy-go-lucky undergrad.

I miss waking up, and brewing coffee with ENQI the rock,
the stoner, the guitarist, the artist
the mountain-tortoise,
and the person who has seen the most unglam side of me,
heard my worst stories,
and is someone whom I can sit in complete silence without feeling a tinge of awkwardness.
Dear roomie, thanks for tolerating me these past 9 years!

I miss KRISPY ELISABETH the fire-breathing dragon,
who always entertains my weirdest thoughts
by giving even weirder inputs of her own.
Sometimes I wonder if we were abducted by humans from our alien Scorpio heritage,
and brought to Earth as an experiment
or merely to terrorize all forms of normalcy.
I love her unselfishness, her artistic tendencies,
and the fact that she listens to people, no matter what rubbish they may utter.

I miss JOYSEU JOYCE, the wise one whose grades are always perfect,
no matter how little she appears to study for exams,
or how little she appears to know because of her humble nature…
however, we all know how hardworking she is.
And also, really really REALLY smart.



I miss The 4 of Us,
staying on campus, having classes together,
eating lunch (sometimes) and dinner (everyday) together.
Going for hall activities, dancing late into the night,
making lameass inside-joke videos that still cracks me up every time.
And dancing 3721 for Weiliat’s last-year-last-chance singing performance? Priceless!!
Yes I love you all.


I miss the days when, despite being enrolled in a pretty competitive course,
I swayed towards physically being a part-time student and full-time dancer,
spending my days in dance studios instead of in libraries like most other undergraduates.
I’m glad I did, because life would have been utterly boring without dance.

I also miss retarded friends

People who’ve slogged their asses off with me…

And people who partake in crazy ideas without thinking twice about ithahaha

Yes, and RASOOOO!!! EMCC Choreo Partner….okay I miss working with you ):
Our Rasoo-Yuzhen item !!

My first Blast! item choreo dancers, a collabo with Kengwiiiiiiii T.T
I miss my noobshit days when I was sooooo new to choreography, stage lightings,
and had to grapple my way through as though I actually understood how it worked…blast

))))): these people, so cute.

Talking about choreography… THIS!!! I’ve finally recalled what my item was called!
Bevriezen. And the (cheesy) description I wrote on the programme booklet was:
“For times when you’re losing grip on reality, when that dull ache in your heart just won’t go away.”
How inexperienced I was T.T hahaha

Our second item, Risque
“School’s out; we just wanna have fun.”

Papachen and Dance-Uncensored~papachen

Backstage madness!!!


Abducting a little boy from the visiting dance institution~~

Big-head self-shots while running high on post-concert adrenaline!perk

I miss dancing with friends, dancers whom I look up to and respect for their dedication,
choreographers who’ve made miracles happen despite tight schedules, exams and whatnots… love3



This is…my favourite choreographer The Xuzi.
I personally really enjoyed being in his items and dancing to his choreography.
Insane synchronization isn’t a chance occurrence,
it takes so much practice, and monster disciplinarians like the one below who make us do the routines
over and over again.
And he himself dances it with us. *respect*
Always practice what you preach.
Papa-Pat!! Wise ol’ man…
He’s not the tyrant founder of hiphop in Singapore, but rather like an uncle,
or a father-like figure who makes us believe that we don’t have to be talented to love dancing…


And so the satisfaction of having completed university with these bunch of people,
is akin to a
curtain call with dancers who’ve all worked hard together
for months in preparation for a concert.
That satisfaction…is priceless.

I can’t say that my journey at NUS was all smooth-sailing.
Despite ups-and-downs I’m thankful for every single moment of happiness,
fun and laughter, peace and joy 🙂
Heck, I even miss my lousy grades!!
I have also accepted that we all have to move on in life —
it’s the memories that will tide us through.
I love times like this when I look back and smile~~

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