too close for comfort

Bangkok Jam and World War Z to celebrate Enkee’s post-23rd
(somehow silly me forgot to take Joyce again…)

Happy ten-years of friendship ENQI
NYGH wouldn’t have been the same if we’ve never met;
we would have missed out on hiding and talking under the covers of our blue high school jackets (which we NEVER took off unless it’s gym period or physical ed. class) while flunking every single math test right up till O’levels.
So aren’t you glad that the bitchy 13-year-old me had been friends with your twin sister, and together we giggled about your helmet-shaped hair?
I’m kidding ❤ I was a mean kid. Thanks for putting up with me!

And with the theory that Kris brought up,
perhaps there’s really a little bit of each of you in me (vice versa)

World War Z is a little too close for comfort,
as if any second now the zombie apocalypse is gonna erupt in our faces because someone out there has been sheltering the ugly truth.
As it is with aliens, extra-terrestials, super-humans, ghosts, pontianaks, vampires, werewolves and any possible supernatural being.
It is never the end. (BRAD PITT’S LAST WORDS, and with that, a sequel is already in the works.)
But seriously, the movie has deviated too much from the book – too heavy an emphasis on cinematic effects and spreading the geopolitical message too thin.
The book that was meant to shed light on pressing global issues became a film on how to machine-gun down the masses of salivating dead people.
Hollywood for you.

One scene that made me crack the hell up – zombies mounting the Great Wall of Israel.1

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