Foodporn: Risotto

My first day in Venice, I had the best seafood risotto of my life20130912-060235.jpg
These got me so hooked to the garlicky/vinegar-oil flavorings that the Italians used…

Brought these instant risotto packets from Milan, and because jet lag was still robbing me of proper night-time sleep, I woke up hungry and made supper at 5am!

Mom was being an insomniac as well and we shared pumpkin risotto 🙂 yummy! Just 12minutes in the pot, hot water, and another 3 minutes to steam and let the flavour sink in…20130912-060639.jpg

One response to “Foodporn: Risotto”

  1. […] who tried the risotto agreed it was the better of 2. Honestly the last good risotto I had was at Venice in 2013! Heartening to know a place that serves a mean risotto […]


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