London Lovin’: Salads Galore

In an attempt to eat healthy, after weeks of body-damaging food & activities,
I’m (finally) faithfully eating my greens!

 photo DSCN4024_zpsd03f5aac.jpg
The variety of salads at Pret A Manger is staggering.
Besides being so darn fresh this salmon couscous is actually very yummy!
 photo DSCN4025_zps8437042d.jpg

 photo DSCN4026_zps33374833.jpg

 photo DSCN4027_zps0db94248.jpg

Also, my mom will be glad I’m not just eating chips, chocs and cereal for dinner in the hotel.
 photo DSCN4107_zps5c1e6112.jpg
Number One reason to love London: MARKS & SPENCER

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