Shh… I’m letting you guys in on what I do to keep my skin minimally flawed and young-looking. I’m not without vices – my lifestyle certainly does a great deal of harm to my skin. Constant travelling, difficult climates, dry-air in airplane cabins, late nights, sleepless days, junk food and irregular meals, social drinking and partyingContinue reading “10 SECRETS TO GOOD SKIN”

All day Breakfasts! Wild Honey

This is how 3 people overdosed on carbs on a Thursday night: Wild Honey’s bread basket with strawbery compote, jam and butter. The Norwegian: poached eggs wrapped in imported Norwegian smoked salmon, with avocado and home-made Hollandaise and salmon pearls on whole-wheat brioche. The Spanish Hash: Diced Chorizo, house-corned beef and potato,poached eggs, Hollandaise sauceContinue reading “All day Breakfasts! Wild Honey”

London Lovin’: Salads Galore

In an attempt to eat healthy, after weeks of body-damaging food & activities, I’m (finally) faithfully eating my greens! The variety of salads at Pret A Manger is staggering. Besides being so darn fresh this salmon couscous is actually very yummy! Also, my mom will be glad I’m not just eating chips, chocs and cerealContinue reading “London Lovin’: Salads Galore”

Travel-diary: The Cheesecake Factory

Am sooo feeling Big Bang Theory *knock knock* Penny Disclaimer: do not scroll on cuz you’re about to get hungry The list of cheesecakes goes on and on… My amazing hot chocolate to dispel the cold (although it’s scorching hot outside)Miso Salmon…the portion was so big we had to share Nachos and signature pasta RedContinue reading “Travel-diary: The Cheesecake Factory”