Orange Cafe – Espresso of Street | At 여의도

Only in Seoul, you get an insanely good cup of iced latte on the go! Espresso of street, you’ve said it right. Nothing gives a better energy boost than coffee to keep you going on a long long walk in Yeouido Park and across the Han River thereafter.










The barista is a kind young man who loves conversing in English and is quick to identify your nationality by your accent! Be sure to catch this Orange Coffee Truck on your next day out to Yeouido!

Viktoria Jean

One response to “Orange Cafe – Espresso of Street | At 여의도”

  1. […] I was tempted to cycle, until I realise the bicycles had to be returned at the start of the same trail! If you’re headed for Han River, it’s not too far to just go on foot, which I did. Of course, this was not before 2 mid-morning coffee breaks at Tous Les Jours and Orange Cafe. […]


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