Yeouido Park Seoul

March 22, 2014: DAY THREE
Bright and early, I was up and headed for Yeoinaru Subway Station. When I found Yeouido Park (a short walk away), the place was already filled with morning joggers, cycling couples and the brisk-walking elderly!

The park is divided into theme-based sections: the Traditional Korean Forest, Grass Square, Culture Square, and Nature’s Ecosystem Forest.



This is the Cultural Event Square, lined by zelkova trees. Loads of performances and events are held here regularly. This is also where I began my walk from the beginning of the park to the end. I made a loop around Ecosystem Forest, walk back towards Cultural Event Square, before heading in the direction of Han River.20140331-233526.jpg



I was tempted to cycle, until I realise the bicycles had to be returned at the start of the same trail! If you’re headed for Han River, it’s not too far to just go on foot, which I did. Of course, this was not before 2 mid-morning coffee breaks at Tous Les Jours and Orange Cafe.

Yeouido Island Seoul

In April, cherry blossoms will line the streets of Yeouido. A pity I won’t be able to catch this beautiful sight! I did get to admire cherry blossoms in Jeju Island though ^^. In any way, flowers are in abundance on Yoi Island.
4 월에 여의도 벚꽃을 볼 것이다! 꽃은이 섬에 너무 아름다워~




Statue of King Sejong at Yeouido Park
여의도 공원에서 세종의 장엄한 동상20140331-235456.jpg

In Traditional Korean Forest, only traditional Korean trees are planted. The trail walk mimics the elegance of South Korean traditional gardens, complete with octagonal pavilions that extends over the ponds.20140331-235507.jpg



A complete juxtaposition: traditional forests against the backdrop of sky-high concrete buildings in a metropolitan business city. Yeouido is also known as South Korea’s Wall Street.20140331-235534.jpg

Walking up this flight of steps made me feel like a princess / prince / servant / chambermaid from Joseon Dynasty!20140331-235539.jpg

Pucker up kissy fishies ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ 20140401-002450.jpg


Plugged into my iPod, I’d conquered Yeouido Park in less than an hour. It’s not unusual for lone hikers/solo travellers to be walking this path alone, hence I felt completely at ease. Along the way, the scenic landscape distracted me from detecting my own exhaustion.

Perhaps of the mental clarity, with nothing in the environment I had to tune out from, a million thoughts were fighting to be heard in my head. This walk-in-the-park did me a world of good, and it just might be exactly what you need too.

I love nature so, so much.

Viktoria Jean


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