Introducing Korea’s traditional blood sausage: 20140402-223524.jpg What it is:

pig’s intestines stuffed with fermented soybean paste, glutinous rice, kimchi, cellophane noodles and pork blood.

To this date, I can’t believe I had eaten this!! It’s pig intestines and I actually finished this whole plate of SOONDAE without knowing what it is!!

Having walked across Han River via Hannam Bridge, I walked further into Jamwon-dong and reached the laidback station of Banpo. Whilst looking for dinner in the substation, this caught my eye. So I thought, why not? Let’s try this for the first time.


Truth be told, it TASTED GOOD. Like chewier, tougher and blacker sausages, with rice and traces of kimchi in it. Only afterwards, I found out what it is… EURGH!!

Well friends, this was my yolo moment. It’s actually a pretty good side dish and street food!! Just don’t think too much when you put this in your mouth.

Viktoria Jean

One response to “SEOUL DIARIES 011: SOONDAE 순대”

  1. Definitely a YOLO dish! You’re so brave to try it 😀


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