♛ Scarlet Carousel | Prologue II

{Prologue II} Pierre, Kim Sarkozy’s

South Korea

His last words to him were: “Do not ever speak a word of what you saw.”

Time will never diminish Pierre’s memories of this particular night. Through dreams and waking nightmares, his recollection always began like this:

The assailant’s large pointed dagger was dripping with fresh scarlet blood. My Master screamed, initially louder with each assault, but gradually barely a whimper. I’m a third of his size, and there were no weapons I could grab around me, yet I needed to help.

I rose from my hideout, ran forth to grab hold of the assailant’s large, strong arms. In the deep recesses of my conscious mind, I recognized the cold-blooded murderer. I knew this face. And that knowledge struck a resounding blow to my faith in the grown-up world.

He shook my trembling arms away with ease, and plunged his dagger deep into the convulsing body, again and again.  

I screamed so loud till my voice was hoarse. “Stop, stop! Stop –

Where the curved blade had struck my face, a torrent of blood gushed forth. The force of his second blow threw me against a wall. Yet the pain was diminished by my anguish that left no visible wound. With this, I feigned lifelessness until his footsteps grew faint. I prayed he would leave this harmless kid to die.

Somehow I found my strength to crawl. By then, he was lifeless. I searched his now unrecognizable face – raw with open wounds and flesh. I let out an uncontrollable sob from seeing this mess, knowing that he would not live to tell anyone about this. His lips touched, mouthing a “P”. I leaned closer to his face. He took several gasps for air, and I could hear the blood bubbling up his throat. Finally, he said.

“Do not ever speak a word of what you saw.”

From what’s left of his eyes, through his gaze, I knew. I nodded, knowing this would be the last thing he would ever see. I was to seal my mouth from ever speaking of this because Jae, the Master’s son, must never ever know. That’s if I survive to remember this night. I closed my eyes tight, unable to shut out the splatter of blood across the chamber; a scarlet sea of power and savagery.

Could I ever face my first friend – my best friend – again, knowing the truth?

Something slammed against the base of my skull and all was black. 

✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫

Scarlet Carousel ©
Think of your lifetime as a long carousel ride. With luck you get to mount on the ride of your choice. Some seats will always be more desired than others. Opportunities to switch may arise. The ups and downs are rhythmical and inevitable. You may choose allies to ride alongside, or choose to face this ride alone. The only way to get off is when your ride ends.

Who gets to dictate the start or the end?

A thug on the run bearing a secret he had sworn to keep from his best friend – a vagabond who built his empire from a great loss. A sidekick who’s always desired to be a hero, and the love of his life who doesn’t know it yet. A girl who is only just coming to grips with the depths of her fears, only to come face to face with her greatest nightmare.

What will unite or tear them apart in this journey, this ride of a lifetime?

✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫

To be continued…
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Author’s Note: this is a 2020 reboot – some caffeine-boosted late-night attempts at injecting life into my creative soul. All comments welcome.

Viktoria Jean

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