Cafè-Hopping: The Loft

In the weather news, Melbourne is a scorching 40 degrees today! I’d managed to come back to Singapore this morning, escaping the northwesterly winds that are dragging the heat with it. Whew. Tomorrow I would be in Russia, possibly hibernating my winter away in the subzero freeze. Whilst loading up on instant Chinese food toContinue reading “Cafè-Hopping: The Loft”

chopping off my locks

In favour of shorter pre-flight prep time, I’m seriously considering cutting off my long hair! Perhaps along the lines of The gorgeous Fala Chen (: Not entirely sure my hair will turn out the same way… This means goodbye to the hassle of chignon… till it grows out. Yay or Nay? D:

had my heart aglow

Memories aren’t created to be tossed aside or fed to the wind. Most unfortunately whoever created Man didn’t engineer our brains to work as per a shredder does – feed it in, tear it apart, then proceed to expel the remnants. Letting go takes tremendous practice – a dab of ignorance, a handful of shrugs, closedContinue reading “had my heart aglow”