Cafè-Hopping: The Loft

In the weather news, Melbourne is a scorching 40 degrees today! I’d managed to come back to Singapore this morning, escaping the northwesterly winds that are dragging the heat with it. Whew.

Tomorrow I would be in Russia, possibly hibernating my winter away in the subzero freeze. Whilst loading up on instant Chinese food to pack away in case we get snowed in, I happened to chance upon The Loft at Chinatown. There I stopped for some Earl Grey Iced Tea with aloe vera, and a Garden Salad with smoked salmon. There was a private Christmas party going on in the third level, but basically the second floor was pretty calm and quiet, save for diners who come and go for The Loft’s reputed pancakes and waffles. Remind me again that I’d need to try that at a later date!

The Loft Chinatown 2

The Loft Chinatown 3

The Loft Chinatown 4

The Loft Chinatown 5

The Loft Chinatown 6

The Loft Chinatown 7

The Loft Chinatown Earl Grey Iced Tea with Aloe Vera

The Loft Chinatown Garden Salad with Smoked Salmon

The tea was surprisingly refreshing but there was too much ice! The salad was good but the salmon a tad too salty. Then again I’m a little picky when it comes to food… and I’d much enjoyed their service and serenity of the quaint multi-level cafè. So that means I’m definitely coming back again with my friends to try their desserts. We’re such suckers for sweet pretty things.

The Loft Chinatown 1

268A South Bridge Road
Tues – Sat 11am-10pm
Sunday 9am-9pm
Monday Closed

Viktoria Jean

had my heart aglow


Memories aren’t created to be tossed aside or fed to the wind.
Most unfortunately whoever created Man didn’t engineer our brains to work as per a shredder does –
feed it in, tear it apart,
then proceed to expel the remnants.

Letting go takes tremendous practice –
a dab of ignorance, a handful of shrugs,
closed eyes, uncountable sighs
and a whole lot of pretense.
Until it doesn’t hurt to think of it anymore.

Till then, perhaps I’ll simply look away.



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