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New Delhi ’13

Gastroenteritis and colitis diagnosed this afternoon, Doctor at Raffles Hospital granted me 2 days of medical leave. Nevertheless still really loved New Delhi, especially the food (oh the bane of my ever weakening digestive system). To think I used to have awesome gastrointestinal power... Anyway, here's The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi! 🙂 Outdoor swimming complex!… Continue reading New Delhi ’13

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a drop of dew on a flower

So on one of the toughest sectors ever, the cutest infant smiles at me, grabs my little pinkie, cuddles it against her cheek, and my heart melts completely at her strawberry sized feet. Suddenly I don't mind running from Singapore to New Delhi & back, because the strangest, most unexpected gratitude like this, makes everything,… Continue reading a drop of dew on a flower