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Muay Thai Addicts

Kicking ass in the boxing ring...perhaps soon enough! We're still learning to bust the basic moves, whilst watching the pros slam each other around in the ring. Loads of girls are taking up muay thai as a form of fitness and I can see why, because the adrenaline rush is truly addictive. The place where… Continue reading Muay Thai Addicts

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oo2 ✦ Dangerous Mind ✦

Don't you think you've had enough Do their claws make sores Take my hand and come away "We have with us a fresh face from Seoul, where many of you were from. Make him feel welcome. Please come in, Max." Stoicly, Max stepped in. He scanned the classroom, his gaze never faltering when his eyes… Continue reading oo2 ✦ Dangerous Mind ✦


140. snowman winking

OMG! CUTE SNOWMAN WINKING or maybe one of his eyes are just spasming from caffeine overdose. Productive day in which ... I finished proof-reading my indiv marketing assignment and did 80% of a feminist term-paper…proposal ( not even the actual paper ) Darn marketing group report is due in 4 hours and like...some people are… Continue reading 140. snowman winking