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Paris was a dream, and a very beautiful one. The procession at the Arc de Triomphe blew us away with its grandeur and oomph commandeered by top-tiered officials of Parisian council. Hi blogosphere, I'm back. I've missed this space, ab imo pectore (from the bottom of my heart). xoxo,Viktoria Jean

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And Paris is a woman's town, with flowers in her hair; - Henry van Dyke A full-blown visual tour of Galeries Lafayette's gorgeous interior: other than to gush over luxury goods I took the liberty of snapping otherwise passed-over gush-worthy details. Has anybody ever really highlighted the architectural wonder that is this shopping mall? Top-storey view: gorgeous and lofty. You… Continue reading [PARIS] oo8.GALERIES LAFAYETTE

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Bath & Body Works Spree #1

17th JANUARY 2014 - 16 FEBRUARY 2014 SHOP EVERYTHING from BATH & BODY WORKS USA ❥ Pay at USA's local low rates ❥ Flat-rate charge of SGD5 per order Order and Pay in 5 Easy Steps  1. Fill in the contact form (below) together with list of desired products 2. Await confirmation email with payment invoice 3.… Continue reading Bath & Body Works Spree #1