Mission Crossing the Hannam Bridge 한남대교 Accomplished!
With this incredible view of Seoul’s Han River before me, the feeling is indescribable.



Basically, I walked from Hannamdong (Itaewon district) to the other end of Hannam Bridge, which connects to Sinsa-Dong and Gangnam-Gu.




The closer I got to the bridge’s midsection, the wind got crazy. I swear it’s entirely possible (though I’m not physically small or light) I could have been swept into the sea.

Physical evidence 1: Wind in my hair – just a little bit.20140405-114111.jpg

Evidence 2: Had to close my eyes.20140405-114129.jpg

Evidence 3: Can’t control my hair anymore.20140405-114136.jpg

And now, IT’S ALIVE20140405-114144.jpg

An attempt at a semi-proper smile.20140405-114150.jpg

At this point, my face is beyond recognition from all that hair-whipping. Plus my scarf was threatening to strangle me from all angles.20140405-114202.jpg


But truth be told, the view was spectacular. 20140405-114213.jpg



I spent close to an hour just walking across the bridge (with the rush of cars just alongside on the traffic lane). The pedestrian lane was uninhabited by anyone else besides me.P1000887

How could anyone walk past this scene and not stop to simply stare? Captivated my heart and soul.P1000890



A total of 27 bridges cross the Han River in Seoul, Gyeonggi and Incheon. This is not a joke – I really want to walk across all 27 of them! By default of travelling via Airport Railway, I’ve already cross Gimpo Bridge and Gayang Bridge, so that makes 3 already.

2015 #bucketlist ? ^^

Viktoria Jean



Photo-diary: Rangitoto and Volcanoes

Fedora’s friend Ridge drove us up the coast at Mission Bay – Patteson Avenue
which overlooked the active volcano on Rangitoto Island
They say, you only live once
20131004-201512.jpg 20131004-201526.jpg
What with volcanic hazards and possible reawakening of volcanic activity, this place is entirely too beautiful.
Then again, beautiful things are dangerous.
The Auckland volcanic field is fuelled entirely by basaltic magma, and is likely to erupt again within the next “hundreds to thousands of years”.
20131004-201640.jpg 20131004-201650.jpg 20131004-201700.jpg

It is expected that these volcanoes won’t erupt anytime soon. But then again there’s the volcanic ash from Mount Taranaki/Egmont, Taupo, Okataina, Tongariro and Mayor Island.
Soooo beautiful, right?
20131004-201716.jpgA heaping mound of Thai Food to warm up our frozen bodies…it was so cold by the seaside!!!20131004-201731.jpg Conclusion: most of us tropical climate creatures are just not made for winter.