Cafè + Pizzeria Frankfurt

In a shop along the quiet streets of a village in Frankfurt: an old man works alone in a cafe pizzeria, serving up heavenly pasta dishes, coffees and pizzas. Andrey, Azri, Chloe and I were there on a busy afternoon, sharing a Quattro Formaggi (4-cheeses pizza), tagliatelle, potato ravioli and the works. The old man does all the cooking, pan-frying, searing, and barista-ing. He thoughtfully makes sure everybody at any table is served together. He also makes the effort for small-talk with all customers. At the peak lunch hour, a lone helper goes into the kitchen to help him. At that point in time we ordered 4 plates of tiramisu. The freshly-baked goodness was in short the best tiramisu I’ve ever had in my life.

Old Man Pizza Frankfurt

Old Man Pizza Frankfurt Menu

Old Man Pizza Frankfurt 3

Old Man Pizza Frankfurt All

Old Man Pizza Frankfurt Foodporn

Old Man Pizza Frankfurt Tiramisu 2

Old Man Pizza Frankfurt Tiramisu

Old Man Pizza Frankfurt 2

Viktoria Jean

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  1. […] piping hot latte and a soft, slightly dry slice of tiramisu. Somehow I miss the tiramisu I had in Frankfurt – it’s more moist and tastes strongly of eggs and dark rum rather than flour and […]


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