Pre-boarding, transit passengers may delight in a quick bowl of super awesome korean black bean noodles from DeliSky at Incheon International Airport. My last meal in Korea before heading home: 자장면 Jajangmyeon! Have always loved slurping up these gooey mash of black bean paste with neverending strands of chewy noodles. Back when it was winterContinue reading “SEOUL DIARIES 035: 자장면 JAJANG MYEON”

Maldives – Bandos Island Resort

Sun, sand, sky, sea – recipe for indulgences. And thus the three of us decided to go chasing dolphins in the setting sun! Maldives is indeed the perfect getaway. Self-shot with Jocelyn, Brenda and He-Cui. My hair was especially yummy that day, with a tinge of sea-salt. The awesome crew! And thus our journey toContinue reading “Maldives – Bandos Island Resort”