Micro-Chip, Macro Dreams


Could somebody invent a micro-chip for our brains, to programme us in such a way we can speak all the languages we will ever need? Frustrates me soooo so much that I can’t speak German, and I’m in Frankfurt where everybody rattles off in their native tongue and all I can mumble back are Guten Tag, Danke…Ciao.

Frankfurt is loooovely! And I’m here with very awesome people to hang out with. Am checking out places to go, things to do in future, yummies to eat and cathedrals to see…. Already hoping to come back in spring or summer. The next time I’m back I wish to speak a little German if I can!! (Yeah right I say that about every other language)

Till then 🙂

Viktoria Jean

Shoe-Porn Ahead: Sole Superior SG

CAPTAIN AMERICA KICKS. How can anyone fricking resist not oogling at that beauty! Sole Superior 9

Helped out at Straatosphere for Sole Superior SG, Singapore’s first sneakers convention, where I had a major case of sneaker lust! This really opened my eyes to all the retailers and brands out there, as well as the people who come for events like this.

Sole Superior 1

Caps, oversized teeshirts, big shades, bling-blings, customised kicks and autographed shoes… they make me miss hardcore dancing and all kinds of high-top sneakers I would have put to good use! Or rather, shoes that I would have abused with over-use. Spent some time ogling at gorgeous Adidas, Nike, Reebok and New Balance kicks! Also got to know some obscure but nonetheless awesome limited edition brands. Since I’m heading to Houston for Christmas, I could wait till then to get my Vans, wedge-sneakers and boots for my brothers!

Sole Superior 23

Sole Superior 24

Sole Superior 25

Sole Superior 26

Sole Superior 27

Sole Superior 28

Sole Superior 29

Sole Superior 14

Sole Superior 13

Sole Superior 15

Sole Superior 8

Sole Superior 2

Sole Superior 3

Sole Superior 4

Sole Superior 5

Sole Superior 6

Sole Superior 7

Sole Superior 10

Sole Superior 11

Sole Superior 12

Sole Superior 16

Sole Superior 17

Sole Superior 18

Sole Superior 19

Sole Superior 20

Sole Superior 21

Sole Superior 22

Sole Superior 30

Daniel and I won this Jeremy Scott x Adidas Forum Multi-Tartan High-Tops via crazy spontaneous totally-impromptu means! Also, we won an additional Adidas Tee. Had great fun traipsing in the shoeporn lying around the Zouk nightclub all afternoon…we should have more of these local events in Singapore, seriously!

Viktoria Jean