“Waffles are just awesome bread.” — John Green Loading up on carbs before a full day of Seoul-tripping. Breakfast was palm-sized Sweet Maple Waffles 스위트 메이플 와플 at Beans and Waffle, downtown Gangnam. Surrounded by imposing office towers, a food alley plus a couple of pubs, the cafe has fed plenty of OLs, pub-crawlers andContinue reading “SEOUL DIARIES 034: BEANS & WAFFLE”


Happiness is fishbowl-sized in summer. This, my dear friends, is the injeolmi bingsoo [인절미 빙수] from one of my favourite hideouts in Seoul! Come summertime, bingsoos and anything that comes with ice are all the rage. You can easily get bingsoos from any major or indie cafes in Korea. This is a unashamedly backdated postContinue reading “SEOUL DIARIEs 030: BINGSOO-MANIA”


Rules for eating NAENG MYEON (lit. Cold noodles) in Korea: 1. Do not order Naeng Myeon in winter. I tried that once and got told off with dismissive hand gestures. Thereafter I did not exist in the eyes of the elderly Korean Ahjumma chef. Naeng Myeon in winter, seriously? 2. Never tell a Korean thatContinue reading “SEOUL DIARIES 029: NAENG MYEON 냉면”


Diet does not exist when everything tastes so awesome! Behold, (somewhat) massive Seoul foodporn. Hot English muffins for Western breakfast, Dunkin Donuts Kimchi Kimbab rolls from a place near my guesthouse. These are soooo goood Cafe Latte, Paris Croissant Cafe Late night ddeokbokki, Chamisul (Korean vodka) and blueberries! A Japanese and Korean fusion of friedContinue reading “SEOUL DIARIES 028: FEED ME PLEASE”


Located at a secluded corner in Gangnam district, Morning Guesthouse is virtually invisible to the foreign tourist. It took me a good hour and a half to track down Jaeyeong Building on foot from Gangnam Station in the sweltering summer heat. They have got quite a number of rooms in pigeon-hole sizes, each equipped withContinue reading “SEOUL DIARIES 027: WELCOME TO MY PIGEONHOLE”


Guess who maximized her stupidity quota for 2014 by voluntarily spending the night alone, resting on the hard wooden benches at Incheon International Airport, instead of getting a comfortable hotel room for a good night’s rest? I believe I’d only slept a total of 6 hours over the past 4 days. No kidding. Thanks toContinue reading “SEOUL DIARIES 026: CAMPING OUT”

[TAIPEI] oo3. Foodporn Ahead

When in Taipei, eat your way through Shih-Lin Night Market! We started off with these super yummy beef brisket noodles Then tracked down the legendary Ah Zong Mian Xian Had a handful of super good Sheng Jian Bao (pan-fried pork buns) And of course, BUBBLE TEA!! This ginormous wild (farmhouse) mountain chicken totally caught ourContinue reading “[TAIPEI] oo3. Foodporn Ahead”


I’m never again staying (alone) in a motel, regardless of how good the deal. Checked out from BLU:Guesthouse Hongdae, dragged my bags through interweaving subway lines, and finally arrived at Gayang Station. First, let me take a selfie –  to commemorate the end of (the first part of) my solo-venture. A long bumpy walk later, I found BaekjeContinue reading “SEOUL DIARIES 025: HOTEL MOTEL”


Friends, you know who you are and this is for you. I’ve always read about Chiba Prefecture in Murakami’s works and although Narita isn’t my favourite Japanese tourist spot, there is so much to see and shopping to do! Whuddup – look at these fluffy kitties I found: Lunch was mediocre chashuu ramen and someContinue reading “TOKYO DIARIES 東京旅日記 IV”

Cafe aA Design Museum | 카페 aA 디자인 뮤지엄

Imagine my joy when I finally found my way to Cafe aA in Hongdae! “Seoul Design Spot” identifies 250 unique architectural creations or designer venues selected by 100 famed designers. Cafe aA Design Museum is a European-style hangout which falls under both museum and cafe categories. I was really excited to hunt for this chill-out museum. The cafeContinue reading “Cafe aA Design Museum | 카페 aA 디자인 뮤지엄”

Gabae Naru | 가배나루

Hiking around Chungjeongno 충정로동 revealed many surprises about Seodaemun-Gu. First, I managed to catch the splendour of spring flowers at Dongnimmun, and was then awed by the grandeur of South Korea’s Independence Gate. Not forgetting Seodaemun’s Prison History Hall, reminding us all of mankind’s ceaseless war amongst ourselves. Out of the blue comes this charming red cafe all white-washed walls and scruffy front yard,Continue reading “Gabae Naru | 가배나루”

But it is the nature of stars to cross

“Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.” — John Green (The Fault in Our Stars) “It seemed like forever ago, like we’ve had this briefContinue reading “But it is the nature of stars to cross”

Cafe Joenill | 카페 조에닐

Late night shopping at Hongdae with iced peach tea leads to planting thy ass at this comfortable hideout, tired out from endless sights, walking with wedge-heels, and very fascinated by observations I get from people watching at Cafe Joenill. Also, it had been drizzling, and I still wanted to keep my nose. Earpiece-plugged, this was the time I fell inContinue reading “Cafe Joenill | 카페 조에닐”

Coffine Gurunaru | 커핀그루나루

So this is one of ’em chain coffee-stores that also offer legit mojitos and cocktails, where I tasted one of the best sweet-potato lattes I’ve ever had! Purple’s their defining colour. I’ve only so far tried one of their beverages. Everything else on their menu is the same as any of the other chain coffeehouses. Was grabbing a hotContinue reading “Coffine Gurunaru | 커핀그루나루”

Café Mamas | 카페마마스

Edged alongside local eateries in the central business district of Jung-Gu, this diner was packed during the lunch hour, with loads of people still waiting for tables when I left!  Café Mamas is amongst the popular franchised coffee houses in Seoul that offer a European brunch menu consisting of salads, paninis and soups. They serve a corporate crowd from neighbouring office towersContinue reading “Café Mamas | 카페마마스”


Come spring and summer, Seoul is just so beautiful. Pictures taken at Dongnimmun Gate. Gorgeously pink, aren’t they?   xoxo, Viktoria Jean


Seodaemun Prison History Hall: a former prison since 1908 that housed anti-colonial activists during the Colonial period. After colonial era ended in 1945, South Korean government housed prisoners at Seodaemun until 1987 when it was replaced by a facility in Uiwang City, Gyeonggi Province. The main hall has three floors of exhibitions. Here, you canContinue reading “SEOUL DIARIES 022: SEODAEMUN PRISON 서대문형무소역사관”


In late 19th Century, the King was many-a-times escorted through Dongnimmun Gate, thereafter to demonstrate personal reception towards visiting Chinese envoys. Dongnimmun is 独立門 in Mandarin, the gate that signifies independence and free will of a country’s people. Built in 1897, the gate served to concretize South Korea’s sovereignty.   Planted aesthetically in areas surrounding the independence gate areContinue reading “SEOUL DIARIES 021: DONGNIMMUN GATE 독립문”


Found: fresh fruits at Sijeong’s Yeongchun market! Got myself this box of seasonal strawberries which were so fresh and sweet. The ahjummas at the market even let you taste the strawberries before any payment. I’ve had really good strawberries in Germany earlier this week as well. Good food makes me feel so blessed to beContinue reading “SEOUL DIARIES 020: SIJEONG CITY HALL”