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Graduation shoot by XavienPhoto

Fun photoshoot with my batch girls for our graduation Thank you XavienPhoto for doing this shoot for us! Although I miss my long hair, ever since I chopped them off, it has gotten a lot thicker. No regrets there!

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adventure begins at home

Sunsets from a height On top of the world! Windblown and happy 🙂 With the lovely girls, Dia and Josie, from Thailand and Hongkong 🙂 Chatting like old friends. Would we have the same stories to tell 5 years from now?

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162. urban picnic

Introducing, the best things that happened to me in the University: Gardens by the Bay is really pretty! Just less so in the hot sun and erratic weather, thus we consumed the picnic goodies beside the ticketing booth like a boss. I need to go there again in the night with the lights up! What… Continue reading 162. urban picnic